J. Potter - Health/PE 6, Health/Pe 7

B. Hall -Health/PE 8

C. Johnson - Health / PE / Driver's Ed 10

C. Clark - Health/PE 6, Health/PE 7

D. Spencer - Health / PE / Driver's Ed 10

M. Deloach - Weight Training

A. Emerson -Athletic Training I, Athletic Training II

Health/Physical Education

Driver's Ed Information: Pursuant to Senate Bill 78, (2022), Virginia Code § 22.1-205 was amended to require all state-approved public, private, and commercial driver training schools to add a 90-minute parent/student component to the classroom driver education curriculum. This is the link to the 2023-2024 Partners for Safe Teen Driving 90-Minute Parent/Student curriculum and other instructional materials. Following is the link for the Parental Opt-Out Form for non-district 8 parents.